Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro 5100Wh powerful UPS systems get listed on Kickstarter

Everyone must have gone through a long power outage at least once in a lifetime. Well, the case of a power outage is not frequent in the developed countries. Still, during some extreme weather conditions, the citizens have to reel under the dark. The issue becomes prominent when people don’t have a backup power source apart from the grid. As a solution, Bluetti has announced new powerful UPS systems – EP500 and EP500 Pro to light your homes, offices even you need the electricity the most. Both the power stations are successfully listed on and are towards its journey of $3M milestone.

Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro come with several new advancements and smart features in comparison with the AC200 UPS which was launched last year. The new UPS system is the most powerful home power station which has a load capacity of up to 5.1kWh. Bluetti EP500 supports dual charging via the means of direct AC supply and renewable solar energy. It can also be used to charge smart devices as it carries all the compatible interfaces. Moreover, it even supports wireless charging for compatible devices.

The company has revealed full technical specifications of the Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro.

Technical Specifications of Bluetti EP500 and EP500 Pro

Bluetti EP500/Pro Features

Apart from being the most powerful mobile power station, the Bluetti EP500 is even smarter as it houses an onboard chip. A single unit can provide up to 3000 watts of supply at 120V using the NEMA L14-20 20A receptacle technology.

The EP500 Pro features two USB Type-C ports that comply with the PD3.0 protocol. It is a hub to power whole house needs including several appliances, laptops, phones, and other adapters.

Apart from the device itself, special accessories are also part of the product. These accessories transform the Bluetti EP500 UPS systems into more powerful stations.

Bluetti EP500/Pro Accessories

The Bluetti manufactured three different accessories to aid the operations.

  1. Bluetti Home Integration Kit
    Unlike the previous year, the company has introduced a fully-working Home Integration Kit that allows the device to be used easily by simply plugging into their home circuits.
    The kit includes a sub panel, which gets integrated with the main panel. However, the user can shift vital loads onto the sub-panel so that whenever there’s a power outage, those appliances remain connected to the power supply. Bluetti UPS will immediately take over the supply in less than 20ms.
    The Kit will enable flawless integration with your home circuit and will keep running your light, heater, and hot water through taps.
  2. Fusion Box Pro (FOr EP500 Pro)
    As with the EP500, Bluetti has created a more advanced Fusion Box Pro for the EP500 Pro UPS. Through the box, the users can connect two EP500 PRO UPS systems to get up to a 6000W power supply.
    Such a massive power output is made possible with two 30A outlets which are connected together.  The Fusion Box Pro is equipped with an array of heavy-duty 30Amp/20Amp outlets including a 120V/240V 30A(Up to 6000W continuous power) receptacle like we’ve seen before on the Fusion Box, and two NEMA TT-30.
  3. PV Voltage Step-down Modular
    Fusion EP500 facilitates renewable energy as it offers the ability to recharge via solar energy. The PV Voltage step-down Modular helps in the same thing to step down voltage so that Bluetti’s volage can step down on your system voltage and adjust total input voltage.

All the new UPS systems along with their accessories are on sale at The interested users can head over to to pledge it for the minimum retail price.

As per the company, it is a golden chance for the interested buyers to grab it at the lowest possible cost as the actual retail price will be high. It is the best product if you’re undergoing frequent power outages.

Bluetti has promised to start shipping both the UPS systems from August. The customers will get a benefit of a 2-year warranty and lifetime tech support if they become crowdfund backers. Moreover, a single year extended warranty costs $399 or $699 for two years. You can know more about the product by heading to the official website.